• Crown Castle’s New Requirement

    Posted by Bethany Miller
    January 12, 2017

    Crown Castle’s New Requirement There has been much talk in the telecommunication world about new policy changes that will come into effect immediately. Due to a recent New York Supreme Court ruling, Crown Castle International will no longer be accepting automatic additional insured endorsements. Although Crown Castle International Inc. was not directly involved in the case, it still has created a lot of concern for them. According to the New York State Supreme Court, some of the wordage used in blanket additional insured policies may not provide enough specific coverage that is required by our agreements. Because of this, Crown… Read More >

  • What is Your RiskScore?

    Posted by Bethany Miller
    January 12, 2017

    What is Your RiskScore? Contractors who work with telecommunications industry can sometimes be difficult to insure, given the dangerous nature of the job and the challenging, high-altitude working conditions. One tool that insurers use to evaluate whether a company is worth the risk and if the company’s employees are healthy enough for telecom work is RiskScore. The RiskScores of a telecom company’s employees can make the difference in rates and whether the insurance company chooses to underwrite your insurance at all. What is a RiskScore? A RiskScore is tallied as a percentage. It represents the risk of a person’s having… Read More >

  • Elevate Your Telecom Coverage

    Posted by usatcadmin
    October 2, 2016

    Elevate Your Telecom Coverage Telecommunications companies with fewer than 25 employees have a difficult time finding insurance coverage, which is required by their customers due to contractual agreements. Additional insured, waiver of subrogation, pollution coverage, professional liability, and per project aggregate coverage are all necessities for a functioning telecom organization. Although small telecom companies face many challenges when seeking an insurance company, here are a few of the biggest hurdles to consider: Very few insurance companies are equipped to provide coverage for the telecom industry, mainly due to height exposure and increased risks. The minimum premiums required by insurance… Read More >

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